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About RSM
Repair and Service Management - Service Call Management, Annual Maintenance Contract Management, Spare Management, Invoicing etc...

RSM has all the features needed to help your business be more informed, more productive, and more profitable, RSM will help you manage all the activity of your repair & service business like Service Call Management, Annual Maintenance Contract Management, Spare Inventory Management, Antivirus Renewal Management, Standby Product Management, Repair Outsource Tracking & Inventory, Warranty Replacement Tracking & Inventory, Invoicing & Receipts, Collection Reports.

Service Call Management

We know that keeping track of calls received is very difficult to manage manually, Different steps are involved for any call like receiving call, assigning to engineer, progress tracking, spare requirement management, call closing, invoicing and receipts tracking. RSM help's you that, RSM covers all the steps of service call management, as mentioned above. It will save your time for any call management. RSM manages the entire time log for the different actions/steps taken for any call. This will help to track performance of engineer and support team. RSM help you to manage onsite and in-house calls at one window only.

Annual Maintenance Contract Management

RSM helps you to manage the AMC contracts with client setup details. It supports one or multiple locations of clients. RSM help to manage setup location wise. It helps inmanaging AMC contacts of different locations in one contact. AMC Management is linked with Service Call Management, when receive AMC call for then can pull product from AMC based on contract no. No need to reenter the product details, client details, contact details & etc.

Spare Inventory Management

RSM helps you to manage the inventory of spares required for the service of in-house calls. If spares are available in-house helps to provide better and fast service, but if inventory is not managed properly then it is loss to the company. We know that it difficult to manage inventory manually. So RSM helps you in managing your own spares inventory. RSM also provide facility multiple store, which helps if spares are stored in multiple locations.

Antivirus Renewal Management

RSM help you to manage the tracking of antivirus installation and its renewal time to time. Today everybody using antivirus to protect their system against the virus effects. It is very difficult to remember the antivirus renewal date of any clients, most of the time client even not able to remember it, RSM gives antivirus renewal reminder report, with the help of which you can do follow ups to the client for the renewal, which will add some business and send message of good and prompt service to the clients.

Standby Product Management

We know that for better service companies has to provide the standby product to their clients against their product under repair with the companies. In absence of tracking of it most of the time standby product is lying down at client only

Repair Outsource Tracking & Inventory

We had found that some time was required outsourcing the product for repair. RSM helps you to keep track of it and also gives you vendor wise inventory of product which was outsourced to them.

Warranty Replacement Tracking & Inventory

We had found that product under warranty is covered by manufacturing companies. RSM helps you to keep track the products which were send to vendors for the warranty replacement. RSM also gives you vendor wise inventory of products which were given to them for replacement under warranty. RSM also reminds you to collect the product from vendor on expected due date.


RSM gives you facility to create invoice on call closed for chargeable calls, you can create Service Invoice as well as Spares Invoice, Spares invoice direct pull the spares details from the call spare replace details. No need to do re entry of spares details for invoicing.


RSM also provides facility to collect the receipts against the invoice and AMC payments. With RSM you can receive partial receipts, RSM help you track the calls whose payments are pending, RSM helps to track the pending receipts.

Collection Reports

RSM provides detail collection reports, which provides the details of the receipt transaction wise. RSM also has summary collection report which provides the Mode of payment wise collection summary like cash, bank & online.